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Renovating the legacy infrastructure of the loyalty programs 

Our highly secured solutions bring transparency and can be audited easily at any given time. C-point propels a new world of interactions between merchants and consumers’ networks.

Loyalty Programs on Steroids

Why work with us?
Allow instantaneous points transactions across programs
Instant Convertibility
Integration of loyalty programs with other IT systems (accounting, CRM, …) has never been easier.
Simple Integration
  • Access live data through the admin tool

                           ( points issued, redeemed, …)

  • Track where your clients spend their points

  • Track who is spending at your location

Real Time Tracking
We provide affordable program setup and operation cost.
Low Cost
  • ​​Points are secured on the blockchain

  • Real-time monitoring prevents fraud

Full Transparency and Auditing​
C-point allows enhanced user experience  with higher liquidity of hard-earned loyalty points
High level of satisfaction and trust
​Our Customers
(SME, corporates)
​Sharing economy operators
​POS Software providers
Onboarding​ Process​
Below are the onboarding options the respective merchants can adopt.


For small businesses
with no existing program

  • Start immediately by using our white-label app & admin tool

  • Low start-up cost and maintenance

  • User-friendly


For SMEs
with existing programs

  • Plug & play solution

  • Loyalty programs are fully managed on the blockchain

  • Communicate with the blockchain via our secure API


For large enterprises
willing to offer convertibility to their users

  • Plug & play solution

  • Loyalty programs are using the blockchain only    when required

  • Instantaneous conversion of points  

  • A wider range of options for points conversion

Consumers’ Journey
Merchants remain in full control

Merchants can program their points applications to retain their competitiveness and strategic agendas. They control exactly how  their consumers access and redeem their points.


Merchants track:


•    Where their clients spend their points

•    Who spend at their location

•    Value

•    Dispersal

•    Convertibility with other programs


Our Partners

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